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Because when you're running a small business,

every. second. counts.

We are passionate about small businesses because we have come from small businesses.

navco. was established as a result of our personal experience setting up small businesses in the past. 

We wanted to offer a service to small business owners that reduces the headache of setting up a businesses digital infrastructure.

One that was free of large budgets and complex coding and that gave you total control of creativity. 

Our Background.

what we do.

1. We focus on you.

We take a look at what you are doing with your business and what functions you require across your digital infrastructure to help streamline the delivery of your product/service to your customers.

  • Are you selling a product?

  • Do you need to track inventory?

  • Are you promoting a service?

  • Do you need to be able to book appointments?

  • Do you need to send invoices and accept payments?

  • Is your website purely informative?

We also take a look at what creative elements you want on your website?

  • Do you require a space for blog posts?

  • Social Media Feeds?

  • Member Login Area?

how we do it.

2. We design based on you.

One we establish exactly what your website needs, we make an informed decision about ​what platform might be best for you.

There are so many platforms out there and making a decision can really turn into a massive clusterf*ck of options. Especially if you don't clearly understand the pros and con's behind each platform.


We do the thinking for you and inform you of what design platform we think will suit your business best. We break down the advantages and disadvantages of certain platforms so that you can offer your opinion and know that you've made the right decision.


Nobody knows your business better than you. 

Then, once we've decided on our platform, we will do a taste profile with you to understand the style of website you want, your likes and dislikes in web design. We will gather all the relevant information required for your website such as bio's, product/service breakdowns, prices, and any digital assets specific to your brand that are needed such as logo's and brand colors. 

We will start designing and building, all while you can focus on business.

We can start everything from scratch if you have nothing established already, or we can build off what you already have in place.

Whatever suits you.

Because running a small business is already a demanding and time-consuming task. Without throwing in the element of having to manage a complicated online system.

Because we want to simplify and streamline your digital infrastructure using the platforms and methods that we have used to establish our own businesses in the past.


Because we're not even a little interested in writing complex code, we want everything in one easy to access place for you to put your creative swing on.


Because once everything has been designed and is up and running, all you need to do is "click and drag" any updated elements you want to add to your site.


Because we don't want you to have to contact us every time you want something changed online, this should all be kept simple.

Because the tools are all there and the results are the same.

Because you know you have the most amazing product or the best service but the competition is getting ahead because they're looking great online and targeting a huge digital market and you don't know how to?

Because we're passionate about small business.

Great products and services will always speak for themselves but an ever-growing digital market means sometimes the local little guys get caught behind because they struggle to find the time to design and create great online content. 

Lets keep this simple.

why we do it our way.

3. Because this should be simple.